Modernize your Load Balancing
for VMware NSX Environments
Upscaling VMware SDN Load Balancing with VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer and Advanced Network Automation

The Official VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer for SDN solutions

Modern enterprises deploying software-defined networking (SDN) want to automate L4-L7 services and enable self-service for their developers find that appliance-based load balancers slow down application rollouts, cause overprovisioning, and increase costs.

Image depicting the modern VMware SDN (software-defined networking) automating and enabling self-service for developers.

IT teams need comprehensive visibility into the end-user experience and application performance at the L4-L7 layers. However, appliance-based load balancers and application delivery controllers (ADCs) offer little more than traffic counters. They lack analytics and insights, which makes troubleshooting application problems slow and complex.

Without native integration with VMware NSX, it requires manual virtual machine setup and networking configurations. The deployment complexity and lack of visibility drive up the operational costs significantly.

NSX ALB Integrates with VMware NSX

VMware NSX and NSX ALB enable enterprises to deliver flexibility, agility, speed, automation, elastic scale, and cost effectiveness, for L2-L3 layers as well as L4-L7 layers for application networking.

NSX ALB delivers an application services fabric that synchronizes in real time with the NSX controller to provide automated provisioning of elastic load balancing in the SDN environment, as well as real time analytics for applications deployed on top of the VMware NSX environment. It also monitors, scales, and reconfigures application services in real time in response to changing performance requirements.

Benefits of VMware NSX Integration with NSX ALB

Enterprises are able to modernize and maximize infrastructure utilization with virtualization. The next phase of this modernization is creating application-centric capabilities in the networking stack. NSX ALB’s native integration with VMware NSX provides application services using an advanced load balancer delivering real time insights, simplifying troubleshooting, autoscaling predictively and enabling developer self-service and automation.

  • Discover networks, pool members, and server configurations from vCenter
  • Spin up/down load balancers by querying vCenter images
  • Full featured software load balancers on any x86 server
  • Horizontally autoscale load balancers on VMware NSX
  • Support multiple hypervisors in a VMware Cloud environment
  • Allow fully automated, one-click deployment of NSX integrated load balancing services
  • Automate load balancer provisioning using REST APIs in a VMware SDN environment
  • Prevent service disruptions across multiple tenants
  • Deploy VMware NSX load balancers per-application
  • Deploy distributed load balancers and manage centrally
  • Achieve zero-touch scaling via rate thresholds without requiring manual configurations
  • Allow autoscaling with vCenter APIs integration
  • Enable autoscaling of applications in VMware SDN environments based on real-time traffic patterns
  • Deliver real-time application insights to track response times, analyze connection logs, and monitor end user experience
  • Allow network DVR-like capabilities to record-and-replay network incidents in NSX SDN environments
  • Enable rapid troubleshooting in under a minute

Transform Your Network with the VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer

As you virtualize your network with VMware NSX, learn why It’s time for you to move from appliance-based hardware or virtual load balancers to 100% software load balancing.

Transform Your Network with the VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer